BVCC is bound by the terms of the Privacy Act.
This means that officers of BVCC must not disclose personal information about any
member of BVCC to anyone else, whether or not they belong to the

Information that may be disclosed includes information that is publicly available such
* Name.
* Address, including Email address.
Information that may not be disclosed includes:
* Religious beliefs or affiliation.
* Racial or ethnic origin.
* Political opinions.
* Membership of a political association.
* Sexual practices.
* Criminal record.
* Health.

Equal opportunity
As far as is reasonably possible, BVCC undertakes not to
discriminate against any person on the basis of their gender, race, religion, creed or
because of any disability. This applies to holding of Committee, or other positions
within BVCC, and to work performed on behalf of BVCC.