Event Calendar 2021

2021 Club Event Calendar


Monday 20        – We will be having a guest speaker, Julie Powell talking on macro photography.

Monday 27        – On Location:  Yarra River at Night   Go to: Tara and Gary


Items below have been changed. Details above the line are current, active information and are updated as needed.


Full Year


4          Christmas Break

11        Christmas Break

18        – Welcome Dinner: The Main Berwick (subject to Covid restrictions)

Date:Monday 18th January
Time: 6.30pm
Where: The Main 4-6 Wheeler St, Berwick.



1          – Collect AGG1 (Open topic) – Member slide show: Christmas/holiday/lockdown

8          – On location: Melbourne at Night. Go to: Steve Ferran

15        – Workshop: Portraits. Presented by: David

22        Committee Meeting


1          – Judge: AGG1

8          – LABOUR DAY

15        – Collect AGG2: Lines- Tutorial: Lightroom catalogues. Presenter: David

22        – On Location:  Cranbourne Cemetery. Go to: Richard & Gail

Sunday 28       – On location: Mornington Peninsula Back beaches. Go to: Joseph

29        – Guest Speaker: Jen Fawkes  Topic:  Seeing your image as a Judge might


5          EASTER MONDAY

12        – Judge:  AGG2 – Collect: AGG3 (Open topic)

19        – Guest Speaker: Julie Powell. Topic:  Still Life Images



3          – Workshop: 1-1 Image conversation. Share your thought process around taking the image. Organiser: Arun

SUNDAY 9       – On Location: Malmsbury Viaduct. Go to : James Millward

10        – Judge: AGG3- Select Images for PAKWICK (conducted by print stewards)

17        – Round table Q & A – Bring Cameras and questions. Facilitator: Andrew Young

24        Committee meeting

31        – Collect for Pub National. Tutorial: Photoshop – Incorporating Camera Raw. Presenter: Barry


SUNDAY 6       – Guest Speaker: Alison Pouliot. Topic: Fungi Workshop

7          – Judge: PAKWICK (we host)


21        – Pub National night

28        – Collect: AGG4 – Trains Planes Automobiles- Guest Speaker:  Ian Rolfe. Topic: Landscapes


5          – On location:  Star Trails  Go To: Mike Wharton

12        Committee Meeting

19        – Social Event: Christmas in July. Giving Back raffle – Now Pub National Judging.

26        – Judge:  AGG4- Collect: AGG5 (Open topic)


2          – Workshop. Zoom Meeting: 1-1 Image conversation Share your thought process around taking the image   Go to: Rosie

9          – AGM- Our AGM will now be an online meeting and we will have a workshop tutorial following the AGM. Our Christmas in July/August and Pub National Judging will now take place on 23rd August… Further info next week.

16        – On Location: In City, Graffiti at Night. Go to: Rosie

1. Monday August 23rd – Barry will be doing a presentation on sky replacements. Please see the email sent on Thursday 19thfor the Zoom link.
2. Monday August 30th – Judge Agg 5, online via Zoom. I will send  a link next week.
3. Monday September 6th – We will be having a modified version of Pub National judging (at last!). David has been working in the background with the judges on this. We will also have our free financial member raffle on this night.
4. Sunday September 12th – On location…. we will still have to wait and see, but I’m not very hopeful!
5. Monday September 13th –  2022 Calendar Comp judging ( the comp page is now open) and collecting AGG6.  Both of these will be EDPI only. I will send a link closer to the date. 
IN ADDITION – This will be our Christmas in July/August/September dinner. We have changed the menu to Gourmet Grazing boxes. Should we still be in quarantine the boxes will be delivered to your home, If not in quarantine we will have dinner at the rooms.
(a) For those who had already responded to Rosie for the previous date could you please once again respond to me that these changes (date & meal), will suit you. The grazing boxes will cater for those who have advised Rosie of dietary issues.
(b) For those who hadn’t responded and would like to be involved on the 13th Sept, please let me know. I will need final numbers by FRIDAY 3rd SEPTEMBER. 

20        – Round table Q & A: with questions provided the week before   Facilitator: Phil

27        – On Location:  Yarra River at Night   Go to: Tara and Gary

20        – Round table Q & A: with questions provided the week before   Facilitator: Phil

27        – On Location:  Yarra River at Night   Go to: Tara and Gary


4          – Tutorial: Filters when and why you use them  Presenter: Joseph

11        – Judge: AGG 6- Collect: AGG 7 (Open topic)

18        – Presentation: James  Topic: Water droplet photography

25        – On Location: Mornington Pier. Go to: Michael Eagleton

28       – (Thursday) Hills and Vines – on-line judging



8          – Judge: AGG 7- Collect: Print & Slide

15        Committee meeting

22        – Guest speaker (via Zoom): Denise D’Silva – Roadrunner Photo tours (USA). Topic: Lightroom & Photoshop processing

SUNDAY 28th     – CHRISTMAS BREAK UP. Hosts: Steve & Susan Ferran

29        – On Location:  Mordialloc Pier. Go to: Barry


6          – Print & EDPI of the year